Tin Lizzie University
Class of 2004

For the third year in a row, "Tin Lizzie University" has proven to be a popular reason for members and other Model T enthusiasts to join together on a Saturday afternoon during late winter. This workshop has typically consisted of three different seminars on Model T repair topics taught by willing members with expertise in a certain area. "Tin Lizzie University" is also an outlet for Model Ters starving for T-talk during the slow season to get together and get their enthusiasm pumped for another season of Model T fun.

This yearís class grew to an attendance of almost 30 people, and moved to a larger area of Vrana Frame and Body Shop. Three excellent seminars were very informative.

Kevin Bruso talked about "Keeping Your Bearings Straight" and taught the method of checking bearing clearances with plastigage on his "clean enough to eat off of" restored 1927 short block.

Keith Gumbinger showed examples of parts which are better quality as originals than reproduction, such as starter switches. He also showed examples of reproduction parts which are better than originals, such as rear axle thrust washers.

Adam Doleshal sparked up the learning session with an excellent two- part seminar. During the first half of the seminar, Adam explained rebuilding Model T coils with new capacitors and points, if needed. The second half of the seminar involved proper adjustment of the coils on Adamís hand-cranked Allen Electric coil tester.

The afternoon proved to be satisfying for those who attended. There were plenty of cold soft drinks, hot apple cider, snacks, and fresh-baked pumpkin pies to feed the body while the mind absorbed more Model T knowledge. Most attendees also worked up their appetites by the end of the session to gather at the Longbranch Saloon nearby in Barton for more food and T-talk. A great time was had by all, and this event will definitely be continually repeated in the future, as Model T enthusiasts enjoy getting together and learning, and there is no lack of topics on our "Fix Or Repair Daily" Model T.

Jim and John Archilbald
++++++++++++++++++             BREAK TIME           ++++++++++++++++++++
                    Adam the coilman.
-----------------------------------------       Kevin with his demo on bearings. --------------------------------------
      A very attentive class Keith with the inside of original starter
             Old switch vs. New