Tin Lizzie University
Class of 2003

The Dairyland Tin Lizzies held their second annual "Tin Lizzie University", an afternoon of Model T restoration seminars, on Saturday, February 15. The event was held at Vrana Frame and Body Shop in West Bend, owned by member Joe Vrana.

Kevin Bruso demonstrated a safe and practical method to install spokes in wood wheels. Pete Humphrey, with help from Keith Gumbinger, showed the process of changing 21" tires on split rims using a 3-point rim jack. It was noted that some new tires may be slightly oversize, making it difficult to spread the rim back to its original circumference in order to close the rim latch.

Pete and finished mounted tire. Kevin and  the spokes back together Adam the "coil man"

A comprehensive and enlightening seminar on Model T coils and coil rebuilding was given by Adam Doleshal. Adam explained the importance of good coils in relation to Model T engine performance. He then proceeded to disassemble coils before our eyes, explain the inner workings, replace the old condenser with the recommended new capacitor, rebuild the points, and adjust the coil for the proper amperage draw. Thanks to Gregg Zangl for volunteering the use of his coils, which he needed to use after the seminar to get home. Look for an article from Adam outlining his coil rebuilding techniques in The Buzz.

A special highlight of the afternoon was a visit next door to Gary Oakford’s "Oaks Cycle" shop. Inside were Gary’s original 1915 Harley Davidson, 1919 Harley Davidson, and a rare Harley "ForeCar" under restoration. Gary started the 1915 to let us hear the mellow sound of the exhaust.

After the seminars, participants met at Pizza Joe’s restaurant for food, drink, and of course, more T-talk. The day proved to be a great wintertime activity for the club. A big thank you to Joe Vrana for the use of his facility, and the Model T professors Kevin, Pete, Keith, and Adam.