1926-27 Tudor Sedan Owner Association Meeting

     When the calendar says March 15 and the temperature is 70 degrees in Wisconsin, it's the perfect time to go for a Model T ride.  Adam and George Doleshal, Dan Schultz, Kevin Bruso, and Jim Rodell, Jr. got a lot of looks in Adam's 1926 tudor while touring around Oconomowoc and eating lunch at the Kiltie custard stand.  Lack of windows and a roof was no problem on such a beautiful late winter day. 

     The five had gathered to assemble a roof wood kit in another 1926 tudor sedan being worked on by Adam.  Kevin, Dan, and Jim are also owners of 1926-27 tudor sedans in need of roofs, and wanted to practice before tackling their own projects.


                   THE LUNCH BUNCH                   Getting ready to work
                        Working                             Still working
   Kevin, Jim & George-the only ones working               Guess why they all look HAPPY!!!