The History and Goals of The Dairyland Tin Lizzies,

(A Chapter of The Model T Ford Club of America)

In early 2001, Jim Rodell Jr. and Carol & Keith Gumbinger discussed the idea of forming a Model T Club Chapter in Southeast Wisconsin dedicated solely to Model T Fords.

 Discussions continued and an organizational meeting was held in April, 2001, at The Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford, Wisconsin, where we decided to become a Chapter of The Model T Ford Club of America.  Present at this meeting were Jim Rodell Jr., Colleen Noonan, Keith & Carol Gumbinger, John & Lisa Bohn, Kevin Bruso, Adam & Christine Doleshal, DeWayne Fritz, Pete & Shelly Humphrey, Scott & Linda Poenitasch, Jim Sr. & Sandy Rodell, Dan & Phyllis Schultz, and Joe Vrana Jr.

 It was also decided that all members of this chapter must also be members of The Model T Ford Club of America, that this club is for Model T’s only, and no other old cars should participate in our club activities.

 In May, 2001, our first newsletter, “The Buzz” was printed.

 Officers elected at this first meeting were:

 President:                      Jim Rodell Jr.
Vice-President:             Keith Gumbinger
Secretary:                      Colleen Noonan
Treasurer:                      Pete Humphrey
Webmaster:                   Carol Gumbinger
Newsletter Editor:         Kevin Bruso

President’s of our club over the years were / are:

2001 - 2003:                Jim Rodell Jr.
2004 - 2006                 Keith Gumbinger
2007 - 2008                 Kevin Bruso
2009  -2010                 Jim Rodell Sr.
2011 -2012                  Jack Leonhardt
2013  -2016                 Pete Hunphrey
2017--2019                  Greg Zangl
Pete Hunphrey
2023---                         Dave DeYoung


Goals for our chapter include:
  • To educate the public about the history, lore and operation of the Model T Ford in the following ways;
    • By driving our cars to various  public events such as the annual  Experimental Aircraft Association "Air Venture" event, to schools, nursing homes and many other events.
    • By giving rides in our Model T's for free at all the above events.
    • By describing how Motel T's are driven which is completely different from a modern car.
    • By demonstrating how Model T's started using the hand crank including how to properly use your hand to avoid injury.
    • By allowing people, especially kids to sit in our cars and get their picture taken, and honk the horn.
    • By explaining how the Model T Fords were truly "The Car that put the World on  Wheels".
  • Local activities, especially tours, exclusively for 1909 to 1927 Fords.
    (This is not intended to be a general "old car club")
  • Meet other Model T Ford owners and enthusiasts in the area and develop new friendships.
  • Produce a local newsletter and web site to connect club members and keep them aware of local Model T  news and activities.
  • Provide opportunities for members to share parts, knowledge and to help each other keep their Model T Fords on the road.
  • Promote membership in the national club, MTFCA, by requiring national affiliation for all chapter members.
  • Encourage local members to attend regional tours, national tours and annual national meetings.
  • Host a national or regional tour, or annual meeting for the Model T Ford Club of America.




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