Carousel Tour & Flivver Fest
          July 25, 2004

     Once again, the Dairyland Tin Lizzies were blessed with a beautiful day for our second annual “Flivver Fest” held at Firemen’s Park in Waterloo, Wisconsin.  A dozen Model T’s left the Fleet Farm parking lot in Germantown about 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 25.  Along with 9 Model T’s from our membership, we were joined by Gary Beaupre with his 1919 touring, Erv & Mickey Wilkowski with their 1926 coupe, and Bob & Alice Wirth with their 1914 touring, all from the Model T Ford Club of Milwaukee.  In addition, both touring cars were filled with other members of the Milwaukee club.  Along the route, we were joined by George & Kathy Doleshal in their 1926 coupe and Jim Wright with passenger Lyle Herman in Jim’s 1924 tudor. 

     A string of 14 Model T’s rolled up and down the hills of the scenic countryside spreading west of Germantown.  No flat tires meant no extra stops along the road until our scheduled rest stop mid-way at the filling station in Old Lebanon.  Here we were treated to tour leader Pam & Gregg Zangl’s homemade cookies and juice. The food committee split off from here to Glenn’s Market in Watertown to pick up lunch, while the rest of the group followed Pam & Gregg’s 1913 depot hack over a more relaxed route to the tour destination. 

     Upon arriving at Waterloo Firemen’s Park, we were greeted by a trio of Model T’s and their passengers from the Wisconsin Capital Model T Club.  A pair of identical twin “barn-fresh” 1926 roadsters, owned by Madison club president Dave DeYoung, were fun to see. 

Two  barn fresh cars, and they run!!!

     Seventeen Tin Lizzies rested under the shade trees adjacent to the carousel pavilion, while 53 Model T enthusiasts enjoyed a delicious lunch and fellowship.  Once again, “Happy Birthday” singing was initiated by Dairyland Tin Lizzies President Keith Gumbinger for Adam Doleshal (July 26),  Jim Rodell, Jr. (July 28),  DeWayne Fritz (July 30), and, of course, Henry Ford (also July 30).  The special Henry Ford cake was cut and served. 

     Participants then played for prizes with a Model T word scramble and “Tin Lizzie Bingo”.  Bingo continued throughout the afternoon.  Thanks to those who donated prizes, and to Shelly Humphrey for creating this fun game with special leather Ford script markers produced by Jim Zautner. 




     A little after 2 p.m., the 1911 Parker carousel began to operate, and this year was accompanied by an antique band organ. Children of all ages waited in line for a nice, long ride on a colorful wooden pony.  For a couple hours this afternoon, with the carousel operating, the band organ playing, and Model T’s parked nearby, the calendar was turned back 80 years. 

     At about 4:30, our group left Waterloo, heading east toward our starting point.  This year, a planned stop at St. Olaf’s Church east of Alderly was on the agenda, to attend their old-fashioned ice cream social.  After enjoying more fellowship and food, our members split off in their separate directions, heading back home after a long, fun day of Model T’ing.