Dairyland Tin Lizzies

Minutes of April 3, 2005 Meeting

The spring meeting of the Dairyland Tin Lizzies was called to order at 2:15 p.m. on Sunday, April 3 in the banquet room of Chissyís Restaurant, Waldo, Wisconsin by President Keith Gumbinger.

Present were: Kevin Bruso
Adam & Christine Doleshal
Richard Edler and son Dan
DeWayne Fritz & Diane Scheid
Shawn & Melissa Gerrits, Nate, Lauren, and Kendall
Keith & Carol Gumbinger
Lyle Herman
Jim Hess
Pete & Shelly Humphrey
Dan Kohn and son Jim
Larry Lamont
Rod Prinsen
Jim and Colleen Rodell, Eric
Dan & Phyllis Schultz
Ron & Sandra Stock, Katie
Joe Vrana
Jim Wright
Gregg & Pam Zangl, Ford

Treasurer Pete Humphrey distributed copies of the treasurerís report and gave a verbal summary. Pete thanked the club for allowing him to serve as treasurer for four years, and announced he would not seek re-election.

Webmaster Carol Gumbinger asked members to send her information which they would like posted on the website, including photographs of their Model Tís. Her email address is cgumbinger@excite.com.

Newsletter Editor Kevin Bruso reported on "The Buzz" and notified the club that he will be stepping down from his position one year from now. The search for a new editor should begin.

Secretary Christine Doleshal circulated a copy of the minutes of the November 7, 2004 meeting for review.

Old Business:

Christine Doleshal reported on the December 11, 2004 Christmas party she and Adam hosted at Harnischfeger Park.

Rod Prinsen reported on the Model T work day held January 29 at Richard Edlerís shop. Rod thanked all who attended and helped on his 1922 touring, and Richard and family for the shop and food.

Dan Kohn reported on the swap meet held at Washington County Fair Park on February 27.

Keith Gumbinger reported on Tin Lizzie University held March 19 at Joe Vranaís shop in West Bend.

Seminars were taught on Model T front ends, transmissions, and wheel balancing.

New Business:

Dan and Phyllis Schultz will plan a tour from the Sheboygan or Plymouth area to Pinecrest Historical Village near Manitowoc in June. Details will be in the next issue of "The Buzz".

Carol Gumbinger distributed flyers, and she and Pete Humphrey reported on the overnight "Firecracker Tour" being planned for July 4 weekend to Richland Center. Dan Schultz modeled a T-shirt he embroidered for the event. Pete Humphrey moved that the club pay for a T-shirt for each tour participant. Keith Gumbinger seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jim Rodell, Jr. distributed flyers and reported on the "Carousel Tour" and "Flivver Fest" to be held Sunday, July 31.

Jim Rodell, Jr. distributed printed material and reported on "Model T Day" to be held Saturday, August 13 at the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford. A vote of approval for Jimís proposal was given. Jim asked members to return the surveys provided to indicate their willingness to help with different aspects of the event. Keith Gumbinger suggested that the Model T Ford Club of Milwaukee and Wisconsin Capital Model T Club be invited to this event.

Jim Hess reported on plans for "Escape to Wisconsin 2005" regional tour, and surveyed membersí interest in attending.

Jim Rodell, Jr. reported that he will plan a poker run for the Hartford and Holy Hill area for October 1. More details will be published in "The Buzz".

A fall meeting will be planned for early November with a meeting location arranged by Dan Kohn.

Christine Doleshal will organize this yearís Christmas party to be held January of 2006.

President Keith Gumbinger announced various future national and regional tours which may be of interest to our members.

Rod Prinsen asked for help identifying a couple Model T tools he brought to the meeting.

Election of officers for 2005-2006 was held.

Keith Gumbinger and Kevin Bruso ran unopposed for re-election to offices of president and vice-president, respectively.

Pam Zangl nominated Jim Rodell, Jr. for secretary. Jim Rodell, Jr. nominated Diane Scheid for secretary, who declined the nomination.

Pam Zangl nominated Adam Doleshal for treasurer. Jim Rodell, Jr. nominated Carol Gumbinger for treasurer, who declined the nomination.

Jim Wright moved to close the nominations. Officers for 2005-2006 are President Keith Gumbinger, Vice-President Kevin Bruso, Secretary Jim Rodell, Jr., and Treasurer Adam Doleshal.


The meeting adjourned at 4 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Jim Rodell, Jr.